Getting stronger has never felt this good.

Ready to build muscle and crush your strength goals by utilizing the power of your menstrual cycle?

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I get it.

You have strength and/or body composition goals, and love following a professionally designed, progressive program. But something is always missing: your most intense workouts occasionally fall in your late luteal phase when your energy is lowest, and your rest weeks fall during your follicular phase, when your energy is highest - how does that make any sense for the female body?!

That's why I created Unstoppable - so that your cycle works FOR you, not against you!

  • Let's face it: they're designed for men. Remember, female fitness does NOT just mean lighter weights and pink equipment! 
  • They're random and don't utilize progressive overload. Random = inefficient.
  • They're full of fluff. Girl, you don't need a 5-step exercise with a band around every joint to get strong. 
  • They use complicated or inaccessible equipment. Not everyone has fancy machines at their disposal!
  • They require you to be in the gym for HOURS to get everything done.
  • They're WAY too intense, for too long - meaning you can't wait for the program to be over already!

Here's why other strength programs don't feel right:


But here's how KBM does things differently: 

  • Designed specifically for women's physiology so every workout hits just right and works WITH the tides of your cycle.
  • Uses progressive overload to get you systematic and predictable results - WHILE staying true to your phases!
  • You only do what's necessary. No fluff. No busy work.
  • Uses basic equipment available at any gym or home gym.
  • All workouts are an hour or less because of how efficient the programming is!
  • Peak and rest weeks fall exactly where they're supposed to, so you never want it to end!
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bench press

strict press


back squat

Unstoppable is a 12-week powerbuilding program that utilizes progressive overload to build the four main barbell lifts:

So that by the end of the program, you'll have measurable results in strength, muscle mass, function, and energy.

Video of all movements

Introduction section with detailed instructions, equipment substitutions, and cyclical guidelines

A warm up, main session, optional finisher, and cool down for every workout.

3 months of workouts: 4 workouts per week in the follicular and ovulatory phases, and 4 workouts per week in the luteal and menstrual phases.

What's Included:

Tracking to log your weights, PRs, and see your progress!

Community forums to ask questions, share your wins, and get support from your fellow Unstoppables!

Like you can be at peace with fitness for the first time ever - and even feel excited to go to the gym

The sense of pride wash over you as you complete a program and look back on how much strength and confidence you've gained

ZERO guilt around resting, because you've seen how it slingshots you into the next cycle

Energized and happy after workouts instead of drained and anxious...even in your luteal and menstrual phases!

Ecstatic to crush lifetime personal records in the gym and reach body composition goals, without feeling mentally + physically exhausted

Imagine feeling...

After the Main Session, you'll have an optional 5 - 10 minute finisher to get your heart rate up or do focused core work.

optional finisher

Each main session has a Main Lift (back squat, deadlift, strict press, bench press) followed by accessory movements to build upon that lift.


Each workout starts with a follow-along timed warm up flow to get your body moving and prepare for the movements of the day.

warm up

Workout Structure:

Every workout ends with a 2-5 minute cool down for stretches and mobility work that feel AMAZING after all your hard work.

cool down

Let's take a look inside :

Short and long loop bands for warm up movements.



You can use a sturdy bench for our box movements if you don't have both.

bench and box


Light, medium, heavy, and very heavy pairs. You can use these instead of a barbell, if needed.



Barbell, plates, rack, and safety clips.

barbell station


Equipment Needed

  • The KBM app
  • On your browser
  • Cast to your TV

Ways to Workout :

Once you purchase, you'll make a KBM account. Then, work out your way, any cycle day!

Your purchase includes lifetime access.

+ 14 workouts per cycle for three cycles
+ Cyclical + progressive programming 
+ Warm ups, main session, optional finisher, and cool down for every workout
+ Video for every movement, every time
+ Community access for questions, support, and form feedback
+ Tracking to log your weights for every workout and see your progress
+ "Follow along" videos with timed sequences, plus self-paced lessons for the main session
+ Tutorial videos to walk you through all main lifts
+ Lifetime access so you can repeat as many times as you'd like

what's included:


enrollment opening on december 11th, 2023

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meet courtney

I know what works for women - and what women actually want out of their workouts. We're no longer accepting the narrative that we have to sacrifice what makes us us in order to thrive.

As a former ER nurse, competitive gymnast, and stress-a-holic, cyclical fitness is what allowed me to continue to stay consistent with exercise even after having two kids back-to-back. Beyond that, it helped me put the final repairs on my relationship with my body after diet culture stole my joy for years. Together, we can reclaim our power and step into a new chapter of healing - one that WE are the authors of. I'll see you inside the app!

After 25+ years in the athletic space and 9 years working with patients and athletes...

Hey! I'm Courtney

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Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a progressive program that gets results. Give yourself 12 weeks to see that you, too, are Unstoppable.

Yes, if you'd prefer to use dumbbells, there is a section on how to sub the barbell movements for dumbbells (with video).

can i use dumbbells instead of a barbell?

Due to the digital nature of the course, refunds are not issued.

what is the refund policy?

Yes! The program gradually takes you through progressions and is based entirely on functional movements. Nothing fancy, promise!

is this beginner friendly?

frequently asked questions

Nope, you can start wherever you are in your cycle! We might all be on different weeks, but we're in this together!

do i have to start on day one of my cycle?

let's get started!

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