I got my website template from EM Shop by Elizabeth McCravy, and I'm obsessed. Elizabeth's Showit templates are strategic, easy to customize, and packed full of everything you need as a creative business owner.

Like my website? Me too!

Your website matters, and your experience creating and maintaining your website matters too. I've been there — having a website that isn't bringing you sales and is hard to update. Once I switched to EM Shop, I [insert results here]. Elizabeth's templates helped me [insert why you love your site here]. Thanks to Showit and EM Shop, you can have a strategic website up and making you money without getting a custom built website. 

Why I'm Obsessed with EM Shop & Showit...

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You get a TRAINING COURSE, The Showit Blueprint, to teach you exactly how to set everything up quickly & with ease. 


The designs aren't just pretty, they are marketing-minded, meaning there's strategy in EVERY design decision you see.


DESIGNED BY a Showit Design Partner, who was named one of the top 15 designers using Showit. Elizabeth was also awarded Showiteer of the Year in 2019.


4 Reasons to Get an EM Shop Template for Your Business:

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