My first go at "keeping balance" was literal - as a competitive gymnast!

And now, that's what I help women do - minus the balance beam. After 16 years of competing, I left the arena due to the physical and mental toll it took on me. I continued to coach the sport for 5 more years, which is where I discovered a passion for leading women in movement. But my version of "health" back then was skewed by diet culture's dangerous mission to make women feel smaller - inside and out.

I'm Courtney - a Fitness Nurse that's been there, done that, when it comes to navigating wellness.

I earned my BS in Community Health + Nutrition from George Mason University. Eager to make a direct impact, I went back to school to become a nurse. I earned my BSN in 2016 and worked as an emergency room nurse for 4 years. But with every patient I saw, I wished I could have done something to prevent their visit.

I came across the idea of functional fitness in college, which changed everything for me. I finally gave myself permission to focus on strength instead of aesthetics, function over a number on the scale, and proudly took up space for the first time in my life.

But I was still stuck between my Western education, naturalist upbringing, and rebel personality. 

Finally, I realized that my approach didn't have to fit inside a box. I earned my personal trainer license from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and fused my nurse brain, athlete experience, survivor heart, and mother soul into Keeping Balance. I now teach women how to live in harmony with their hormones, reclaim their freedom from diet culture, and step into their power through sustainable fitness.


and after recovering from a ten-year battle with an eating disorder, i knew there had to be a more sustainable way to help people.

As an ER nurse, I saw the extreme ends of neglecting and  obsessing over health.

Fast facts. . .

years spent as an athlete


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I'm obsessed with . . .

Saunas, sensory deprivation tanks, adrenal cocktails, red light therapy, hot mom walks, and the art of doing nothing (a work in progress).

new self-care i'm loving

Stranger Things, Sex Education, Never Have I Ever, Workin Moms, You, Bridgerton, Shadow and Bone

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It's raining, I have a coffee or matcha (in a cute af mug), get a lift in, and spend the rest of the day in cozy socks and my husband's hoodie.

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Certified as a Women's Fitness Specialist, I get to help women all over the world find peace and joy in their bodies!


Started cyclical fitness as a way to stay consistent with exercise as a new mom of 2; created an Instagram as a way to offer education and inspiration to women (while getting to raise my boys at home).


Moved across the country for my husbands job (twice), had our second baby, and left bedside nursing after months of working through the pandemic. Became certified as a Personal Trainer.


Got married, had our first baby, embraced the home gym life, and entered a significant chapter of healing


Graduated from GMU again with a BS in Nursing; became a Certified Emergency Nurse


Graduated from GMU with a BS in Community Health - Nutrition, finding Crossfit along the way


Walked away from gymnastics and faced my mental health head-on


Started gymnastics at the age of 2, sparking a life-long passion for movement

The Timeline

my journey to keeping balance

Deadlifts, snatches, and cleans


Teaching my boys how to exercise


Brewing homemade kombucha


Weekly mint ice-cream dates with my hubby


My Favorite Things

now in 22 countries!