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Welcome to your new favorite way to work out: the Keeping Balance Methodยฎ. When you work with the four phases of your menstrual cycle, you use your own body's physiology as a template to gain strength, energy, and an unwavering connection with your very first home: your body. Join the movement and get started today, wherever you are in your cycle!

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Welcome home.

What if you could get stronger and LOVE how you feel after every workout, just by moving WITH your body's natural rhythm?

As humans, we were born to move. But as women, we have unique physiology to move with. And guess what? This goes way deeper than sets and reps.

What would it look like for you to be at peace with your relationship with fitness, look forward to every workout, and feel like the best version of yourself - at every time of the month?

With KBM, you can work smarter - not harder - by utilizing the magic that already lives within you. 

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Due to the metabolic and energetic shifts that your hormones initiate all on their own, you actually already possess the most effective blueprint for becoming the strongest and most balanced version of yourself. KBM blends female physiology with exercise science, and packages it up in an approachable, seamless, and fun way to move that works.





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You're serious about your health + fitness goals, but don't have hours per day to devote to exercise.

You're managing a million things per day, and just need workouts that hit right every. single. that you have MORE energy to tackle your badass life, not less.

You've tried countless workout programs, but keep finding yourself in a vicious cycle of burnout, unable to stay consistent for more than a few weeks.

Maybe you want to practice cyclical fitness, but have no idea where to start or how to write your own cyclical workouts.

Does this sound like you?

You're absolutely OVER diet culture telling you to sell your soul in order to be healthy and fit. Excuse me, what?! You want to be in a community that gets it.

THE KBM FLEX ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ membership


on-demand home workouts that were designed for your cyclical body.

the only subscription that has your workouts show up for you, instead of forcing you to show up for the workout.

Workout Vaults for each menstrual phase: Build, Peak, Steady, and Ease. Simply enter the Vault that corresponds to your cycle day, choose your workout, and go! Workouts are added weekly to categories such as Strength Training, Hybrid Workouts, Mobility + Stability, HIIT, even Guided Runs!

KBM Fundamentals Course: get to know your cycle, learn how cyclical fitness works, and even browse the literature that informs KBM programming.

The Expert Lounge: monthly workshops and interviews from renowned experts in the field of women's health and fitness.

Community: forums to ask your questions, send DMs to Courtney and your fellow members, and celebrate ALL of your wins!

Tracking: log your PRs, sleep, mood, water, and even add photos with each check-in.

Take a look inside!


Madison's Story

Madison has been practicing with KBM for 4 months, and is stronger now than she was in college - after two kids! Intentional and efficient workouts means that Madison gets to be more present with her daughters while still showing up for herself.

No matter where you are in your cycle, you leave every single workout with a feeling of, "that's exactly what I needed" instead of feeling exhausted. 

You're busy af, but know the importance of showing up for yourself, too - so you get a KBM workout done in 30 minutes that gives you energy for the rest of your day.

You show up to the gym (or your living room) on any cycle day or energy level, and there's a workout waiting for you that meets YOU where you're at - no brain power involved, just tap a finger and get started.

Imagine this....

After three menstrual cycles, you realize that you feel stronger than ever, have less pain, and are more energized - without any guilt about resting and taking the recovery your body needs.

 "The only workout you regret is the one you didn't do" is a complete lie, and you've been gaslit to believe that something's wrong with you for not jiving with men's fitness plans (but in pink).

 It was never you.

It's time to start working out for YOUR body so that you can get the results you want while healing, growing, and connecting with yourself like never before.

spoiler alert:

Laura has been working out with KBM for 5 cycles. She completed the 3-month program, Unstoppable, and just started it again to see her strength grow even more. Here's what's happened:

KBM Case Study: Laura

This membership is more than just working out - it's a community of women who get it, too. They'll be there to cheer you on and help you navigate any obstacles.

you crave community.

Because there's no strict schedule, you get access to workouts on-demand. That means if you got a poor night of sleep despite being in your high-energy follicular phase, you can choose the Vault that meets you where you're at each and every day.

you want flexibility

Vault workouts are specifically designed to use minimal equipment and be efficient. Most Vault workouts can be completed in 30 minutes or less!

you work out at home

The KBM Membership is perfect for you if:

how to join

how to join

+ The Workout Vaults: Build, Peak, Steady, and Ease

+ KBM Fundamentals Course

+ The Expert Lounge

+ Community forums and DMs

+ Tracking

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KBM Flex ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ



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Billing begins after 7-day free trial

meet courtney

I know what works for women - and what women actually want out of their workouts. We're no longer accepting the narrative that we have to sacrifice what makes us us in order to thrive.

As a former ER nurse, competitive gymnast, and stress-a-holic, cyclical fitness is what allowed me to continue to stay consistent with exercise even after having two kids back-to-back. Beyond that, it helped me put the final repairs on my relationship with my body after diet culture stole my joy for years. Together, we can reclaim our power and step into a new chapter of healing - one that WE are the authors of. I'll see you inside the app!

After 25+ years in the athletic space and 9 years working with patients and athletes...

Hey! I'm Courtney

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