Time to embrace your strength. 

You've arrived at your destination for sustainable + effective movement for women.


I believe that when women are connected with their bodies, everyone wins.

After years of over-exercising, under-fueling, and back-to-back pregnancies, I knew there had to be a more sustainable way to move than the no-pain-no-gain approach I was raised by. 

As it turns out, embracing our cyclical nature and using our menstrual cycles as a a guide can produce the same physical results WITHOUT the shame, guilt, or burnout. Ready to feel how GOOD it gets to be?

and you're ready to move in a way that finally feels good for your cyclical body.

Women's fitness means so much more than pink dumbbells.

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In this 12-week program, you'll use progressive overload to build muscle and reach new PRs in the four main barbell lifts: squat, deadlift, bench press, and strict press. If you've been feeling stuck with your strength training, this program will get you out of your plateau by utilizing your own hormones as a tool!


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Choose your own adventure with the KBM Workout Vaults! In your membership, you'll be able to pick a home workout by cycle phase that hits just right every single time. Join the community, track your progress, and tune into the Expert Lounge to expand your knowledge.

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a 12-week cyclical strength experience

Workout programs that help you feel strong and energized all cycle long. Get started by downloading the Keeping Balance Method app, or browse below for more information!

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Learn the science, methodology, and strategy behind the Keeping Balance Method. This online course will teach you the step by step implementation for creating a cyclical fitness plan that works for your goals. Master the flow of your menstrual phases, feel confident in the fundamentals of fitness, and mesh the two together with ease for ultimate freedom and peace with your relationship with movement. Includes access to The Expert Lounge for continuing education.

*Formerly known as The Keeping Balance Method Online Course

KBM Academy*

The stories and conversations that give a voice to the many nuances of health and fitness. Join the fun wherever you listen to your podcasts!

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The Keeping Balance Podcast

Hang with Courtney

Hey, friend! I'm so happy you're here! I'm incredibly passionate about helping women find their power through sustainable movement, and I can't wait to help you on your journey. Wherever you are on your path to wellness, a fitness nurse can help you filter out the noise and embrace your inner strength: no nonsense, no gimmicks, and a whole lot of love. 

My work is most known for putting the female back in female fitness. Through my unique approach to menstrual cycle-aligned exercise, hundreds of women are crushing their PRs while falling more in love with their bodies than ever before.

Nurse · women's fitness specialist · mom of 2

your new virtual fitness nurse

Meet Courtney!

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"Started the course yesterday and already having so many ah-ha moments about my experiences, relationship with my body, and my fitness journey. So much more self-reflection and catharsis than I was expecting - in a good way!" - Valerie H, KBM student

"I feel so empowered right now, and optimistic about fitness in a way I'm not sure I ever have. I'm not even 20% of the way in."

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What We're All About

...between scientific literature, lived experiences, and your individual needs



Empowered Movement

cyclical self-care and learning the language of the human body 


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