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Let me guess: you've tried flexing your discipline muscle, but you're left more exhausted than ever. Isn't working out supposed to make you feel good?
That's where I come in.

Is your relationship with fitness having an identity crisis?


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Keeping Balance Method is a fitness app for women that allows you to FINALLY get the results you've been after without the burnout. With the 28-day infradian rhythm at the heart of the programming, your relationship with fitness - and your body - is about to change for good. 

KBM offers: 
+ Cyclical fitness (cycle-aligned programming)
+ Home workouts
+ Courses

...all on an easy-to-use app with support and community at your fingertips.

FITNESS for WOMEN, by a woman.

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"Started the course yesterday and already having so many ah-ha moments about my experiences, relationship with my body, and my fitness journey. So much more self-reflection and catharsis than I was expecting - in a good way!" - Valerie H, KBM student

"I feel so empowered right now, and optimistic about fitness in a way I'm not sure I ever have. I'm not even 20% of the way in."

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I know what works for women - and what women actually want out of their workouts. We're no longer accepting the narrative that we have to sacrifice what makes us us in order to thrive.

As a former ER nurse, competitive gymnast, and stress-a-holic, cyclical fitness is what allowed me to continue to stay consistent with exercise even after having two kids back-to-back. Beyond that, it helped me put the final repairs on my relationship with my body after diet culture stole my joy for years. Together, we can reclaim our power and step into a new chapter of healing - one that WE are the authors of. I'll see you inside the app!

After 25+ years in the athletic space and 9 years working with patients and athletes...

Hey! I'm Courtney