A step by step system to unlock your inner athlete and become your body's number one teammate...by harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle!

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your one stop shop for cyclical fitnessยฎ

You have trouble staying consistent with exercise because nothing feels sustainable or enjoyable amidst your real freaking life.

You have meaningful health and fitness goals like increased energy, balanced hormones, improved body composition, and mental health stability.

And maybe you hold the belief that reaching those goals means 110% or bust. You've tried over and over, but you think something must be wrong with you for not being able to keep up. And quite frankly, you're sick of it. Isn't our health journey supposed to feel good?

I'll let you in on a secret: there's been a missing link to women's health + fitness - our own dang physiology. And constantly working against it has been the biggest set up of the fitness industry to date.

i see you.

You're tired of the exercise hamster wheel - an endless cycle of "starting over" and burning out.

Like the seasons of the year, your four menstrual phases possess different opportunities - both metabolically and spiritually. It's time to decode them.





Your time is precious, so working out should be efficient, fun, and sustainable for the long-game. By taking advantage of your phasic gifts, you get the most out of every session and every season.

less is more

My formulas are based on peer-reviewed research to get you the best results - while also embodying the power that is being a woman.

evidence-based - with a dash of feminine flair.

With step-by-step guidance, you'll have a logical + flexible plan tailored to your fitness level, goals, schedule, and menstrual cycle. 

we unleash your inner magic 

The vibe:

what they're saying












Like they can be at peace with fitness for the first time ever - and even feel excited to go to the gym

Absolute clarity around how their body works and unconditional permission to support it

ZERO guilt around making fitness work for them instead of the other way around

Energized and happy after their workouts instead of drained and anxious

Ecstatic to crush lifetime personal records in the gym and reach body composition goals

KBM graduates
are feeling:

The Foundations gives you the ingredients list. 

Learn why your cycle is your superpower, how to decode your hormones, the science of stress, and the basics of human movement. 

Module One

Fitness for Your Phases gives you the tools and utensils with which you manipulate The Foundations.

Discover the blueprints for each of your four menstrual phases.

Module Two

Implementing KBM gives you the detailed instructions to bring the entire recipe together.

Implement and adapt the methods in real life.

Module Three

How to adapt KBM if you're on birth control, nutrition, hormone balance, guest lectures, and more: the "rest" of what goes into being an active woman.

KBM + Beyond

Module Four


12 weeks of progressively challenging strength workouts, all tailored to fit the needs of each menstrual phase. This program has barbell movements, but has instructions for subbing for dumbbells.

KBM includes access to the KBM signature strength program, Unstoppable.

The Workouts

Investment starts at $347

+ 5+ hours of beautiful video lectures and demo videos
+ The complete KBM Framework for strength training, cardio, and adapting existing workout plans
+ A step by step walkthrough of creating your custom cyclical workout plan 
+ Journals, trackers, planners, cheat sheets, and DFY templates

PLUS access the KBM App for:
+ The KBM Community to get all of your questions answered
+ The Expert Lunge for bonus trainings from KBM's trusted colleagues
+ Any workout plan you bundle with the course (Unstoppable or the Membership)

what's included

In this self-paced online course, you get lifetime access + all future updates for no additional cost.

KBM Academy

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You're an established athlete that desires an additional edge to your training

You're looking for a way to support yourself while transitioning off of birth control

You are a Highly Sensitive Person, have ADHD, PMDD, hormonal imbalance...or are a biohacking enthusiast!

You want to improve your relationship with fitness OR need a sustainable method to get started

You have a menstrual cycle and want to be active...even if your cycles are irregular

Is this right for me?

As your body's priorities shift on a cellular level throughout the month, you'll be able to harness each mode to enhance muscle building + fat burning potential.

syncs with your physiologic "modes."

Reducing your systemic stress load with strategic programming aids your body in performing and feeling its best. That means you're actually feeling the intended benefits of exercise!

reduced stress + inflammation

By using subjective scales to gauge effort, any fitness level can benefit from this method. I take you through the steps to confidently be able to track your cycle + plan your cyclical workouts up until menopause.

it's custom to you

Why it Works:

What would it feel like to improve your relationship with your body while making progress towards your fitness goals?

You aren't too complicated. You ARE worth it. Join the hundreds of women who have decided to own their power.

Unstoppable requires a barbell/rack, dumbbells, bench/box, long and short bands, and an optional foam roller. All barbell movements can be subbed for dumbbells (demos shown).

what equipment do i need for the workouts?

Yes! If you loved the program and would like to share it with your friends or audience, you can be added as an affiliate to earn a generous commission. Link to apply is inside the course!

can i be an affiliate for kbm?

Due to the digital nature of the course, refunds are not issued.

what is the refund policy?

If you are military, first responder, healthcare worker, or teacher, please reach out to me via email or Instagram for your 15% off coupon code. 

do you offer discounts?

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